gradual: TORTORA

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9.8″ × 23.6″
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2″ × 23.6″
($39.10 PC)

Production description

A 9.8"x23.6" glazed wall tile with heavy graining and pattern that creates a lot of visual movement. 

Colour: Tortura


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This tile has a blend of colour and texture that is unique to this series. This blend will vary between shipments. No claims allowed after installation. May be used for medium commercial. For best results use TEC382G/TEC383W medium bed mortar. Trowel size minimum ½” × ½” × ½”. Centura recommends an installation pattern offsetting the planks at the most of 20 cm. COLOUR SHADE VARIATIONS The colour shade or shades of all tile varies some degree from piece to piece, from each production run to run. At least several pieces from the same production run should be reviewed whenever possible to determine acceptable colour shade variations. Any questions or concerns about your tile selection should be clarified prior to installation. STOCK QUANTITY MAY CHANGE AT ANY TIME, PLEASE CONTACT THE ORDER DESK FOR UP TO DATE QUANTITIES

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PLEASE NOTE: Centura recommends an installation pattern offsetting the planks at the most of 20 cm.

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Regular price:
$5.98 SF
Regular price:
$9.69 PC
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Actual size:
9.8″ × 23.6″
Nominal size:
10.00″ × 24.00″
(25 cm × 60 cm)
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